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Annonce ID: A50849 | Samedi, 06 Janvier, 2018  00:22 | Hits: 30

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GPS Kids Watch PT529 – Smart GPS Watch to keep your children safe  (Johannesburg)

ThinkRace Technology brings you the PT529, a smart GPS Watch specially made for the kids. No need to worry anymore as the PT529 smart GPS watch enables you to track each and every step taken by your children. Your kid will not fuss about it as the watch comes with an attractive GUI and the body has been given a kindergarten look complemented by a funky wrist band. Feel free to talk with your kids and drop in a voice message whenever you want to. Some of the other ‘smart’ features of the watch are
• 3-mode positioning system
• SOS Function
• Geo-Fence Feature
• Track Playback
• Splash-proof
A device which ensures your child’s safety and is also loved by the them. Truly Smart.
For more details about the watch and for placing orders in bulk,
follow the link below:

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